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The Cambridge Introduction to Postmodernism


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The Cambridge Introduction to Postmodernism surveys the full spectrum of postmodern culture – high and low, avant-garde and popular, famous and obscure – across a range of fields, from architecture and visual art to fiction, poetry, and drama. It deftly maps postmodernism's successive historical phases, from its emergence in the 1960s to its waning in the first decades of the twenty-first century. Weaving together multiple strands of postmodernism – people and places from Andy Warhol, Jefferson Airplane, and magical realism to Jean-François Lyotard, Laurie Anderson, and cyberpunk – this book creates a rich picture of a complex cultural phenomenon that continues to exert an influence over our present “post-postmodern” situation. Comprehensive and accessible, this Introduction is indispensable for scholars, students, and general readers interested in late-twentieth-century culture.


1. Before postmodernism; 2. Big bang; 3. The major phase: peak postmodernism, 1973–90; 4. Interregnum, 1989–2000; 5. After postmodernism.

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