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The Cambridge Introduction to Spanish Poetry
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This comprehensive survey of Spanish poetry includes Iberian and Latin American writing from the Middle Ages to the present. Unlike most literary histories, it offers a non-chronological approach to the subject. It is arranged by genres and forms (epic, ballad, sonnet) and themes and motifs (love, religious and moral poetry, satirical and pure poetry). The wide-ranging selections in this reference make it appropriate for course use.


Preface; Introduction; 1. Poets and readers; 2. The interrelationship of texts; 3. The epic and the poetry of place; 4. The ballad and the poetry of tales; 5. Songs and sonnets - popular and learned poetry; 6. Love poetry; 7. Religious and moral poetry; 8. Satire, burlesque and poetry as celebration; Appendix: Chronological list of poets cited; Bibliography; Index of names; Subject index.


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