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The Divided Economy of Mandatory Palestine
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  • 64 tables
  • Page extent: 300 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521894388 | ISBN-10: 0521894387)

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Adopting a systematic, yet nontechnical approach, Jacob Metzer's book is the first to analyze the divided economy of Mandatory Palestine. While the existing literature has typically focused on the Jewish economy, this book explores the socio-economic attributes of both the Arab and Jewish communities within the complex political economy of the period. The book promises to make a significant contribution to the economic history of the modern Middle East. It will appeal to economic historians, development economists and to scholars in the related fields of social and political history.


1. Palestine's economic structure and performance: introduction and overview; 2. The peoples of Palestine: a comparative account; 3. Patterns and characteristics of Palestine's (Jewish) immigration; 4. Production resources in a divided economy: land, capital and labor; 5. Production and trade; 6. Public sectors in Palestine's economic life; 7. Postscript: some observations on economic co-existence in adversity.


"Jacob Metzer's excellent analysis of the economy of Mandatory Palestine combines modern economic history and development economics to explore the Arab and Jewish economies and their sectoral disparities." Sara Roy, MESA Bulletin

"...this book is destined to make a significant contribution to the ongoing discussion of how to conceptualize the mandate period..." International History Review

"In this masterful study of Palestine's economy during the period of British rule, Jacob Metzer raises crucially important questions about the relations between Arabs and Jews; even better, he supplies insightful, sometimes brilliant answers to all the questions he poses." Digest of Middle East Studies

"...a significant advance in Israeli economic historiography of the period..." Mark Levine, The Annals of the American Academy

"This meticulous study of the dual economy of Palestine during the highly formative British mandatory period (1920-1948) represents the fruition of Metzer's research spanning two decades." Barbara J. Smith, Journal of Interdisciplinary History

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