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Rethinking Tradition in Modern Islamic Thought
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  • Page extent: 196 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521653947 | ISBN-10: 0521653940)

  • There was also a Hardback of this title but it is no longer available
  • Published March 1999

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$52.99 (C)

Modern Muslim intellectuals have been trying to reestablish a foundation for the revival of Islamic law. In this fascinating study, Daniel Brown assesses the implications of new approaches to the law on contemporary Islamic revivalist movements, and explores the impact of modernity on attitudes toward religious authority generally. This book will make a major contribution to the understanding of contemporary Islam, and will be of interest to scholars of the Middle East and South Asia, and to those teaching Islamic law.


Introduction: the prism of modernity; 1. The relevance of the past: classical conceptions of Prophetic authority; 2. The emergence of modern challenges to tradition; 3. Boundaries of revelation; 4. The nature of Prophetic authority; 5. The authenticity of hadith; 6. Sunna and Islamic revivalism; 7. Conclusion: the spectrum of change.


"This...volume takes aim at one version of the debate among Muslims and makes a clear hit." Foreign Affairs

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