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The American Economy
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  • Page extent: 306 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521595834 | ISBN-10: 0521595835)

  • Also available in Hardback
  • Published July 1997

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This work focuses on the economic challenges the American economy has met during the post-World War II era, and on the new challenges--represented notably by the competing economies of Japan, Germany, and the entire European union--that confront it as the twenty-first century approaches. The book shows how the transformations brought about by international competition fit the long-term processes of economic growth and change with respect to structural mutations, technological development, the role of the government, and the evolution of government-business relations. Nicholas Spulber presents a detailed critique of the thesis alleging that the American economy had experienced some kind of decline, and argues that the economy will continue to move forward energetically and successfully if growth and change are primarily left to emerge from the impulses and incentives of the private economy.


Preface; Part I. A Challenge Met: 1. Postwar growth and change; 2. Government-business relationship; Part II. The New Challenge and its Implications: 3. The challenge; 4. The implications; Part III. The Long Run Development of the US Economy: 5. The structural transformations; 6. The state machine and the evolving economy; Part IV. The Road Ahead: 7. New priorities; 8. Contests at technological frontiers.


"An eminent economist adds to his luster in this work through a profound, carefully documented, wide-scoped review and analysis of the economic challenges arising out of the American economy after WW II and the new global challenges arising out of the competing economies of Japan, Germany, and the European Union....Recommended for all collections." Choice

"Mr. Spulber lucidly discusses U.S. economic growth over the past four decades, focusing on the changing nature of government-business relations, the strength of U.S. technological progress and the 'proliferation of strategic international alliances, joint venture mergers, and acquisitions of foreign firms' in which the U.S. plays the leading role." The Wall Street Journal

"The book certainly merits the attention of anyone interested academically or politically in the current debate over industrial. Its historical perspective on industrial transformation and the application of that perspective to the modern industrial policy debate in the United States provide valuable insights." Joseph Michael Finger, The Journal of Economic History

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