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The Neural Crest

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  • Page extent: 472 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521122252)

  • Also available in Hardback
  • Published November 2009

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This fully revised edition of The Neural Crest contains the most current information about this unique structure that has a transient existence in early embryonic life. The ontogeny of the neural crest embodies the most important issues in developmental biology, as the neural crest is considered to have played a crucial role in evolution of the vertebrate phylum. This revised edition includes new data that analyze neural crest ontogeny in murine and zebrafish embryos. Additional features include coverage of advances in our understanding of neural crest cell subpopulation markers, cell lineage analysis, and the introduction of molecular biology to neural crest research. Like its predecessor, this volume is essential reading for students and researchers in developmental biology, cell biology, and neuroscience.


Foreword Lewis Wolpert; Preface N. Le Douarin; 1. Methods for identifying neural crest cells and their derivatives; 2. The migration of neural crest cells; 3. The neural crest: a source of mesenchymal cells; 4. From the neural crest to the ganglia of the peripheral nervous system: the sensory ganglia; 5. The autonomic nervous system and the endocrine cells of neural crest origin; 6. The neural crest: source of pigment cells; 7. Cell lineage segregation during neural crest ontogeny; Concluding remarks and perspectives; Index.


"The Neural Crest represents a summary of many years of scholarship, a great deal of which has emanated from the laboratory of Professor Le Douarin. It also lays out the evolution of ideas about the neural crest and how these ideas have changed dramatically in the previous century. It is a perspective that few investigators could have and it is a pleasure to read this historical account...Any developmental biologist will enjoy this book, because even though the neural crest is the hero(ine), the questions and the experimental approaches will be appreciated by all...we will look forward to the sequel." BioEssays


Lewis Wolpert, N. Le Douarin

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