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State Corporatism and Proto-Industry
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State Corporatism and Proto-Industry focuses on the WÜrttemberg worsted industry, an example of a "proto-industry" that arose in many parts of Europe preceding factory industrialization. It has been argued that these proto-industries broke down traditional society but this book suggests otherwise. With the help of the state, corporate institutions such as merchant companies and rural guilds, regulated every aspect of rural life and thus profoundly shaped early modern European economic, demographic and social development.


Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. The proto-industrialization debate; 3. Social institutions in early modern Württemberg; 4. The Black Forest worsted industry; 5. The finances of the proto-industrial guild; 6. Labour supply and entry restrictions; 7. Production volume and output controls; 8. Population growth and the family; 9. Corporate groups and economic development; 10. Corporatism and conflict; 11. Proto-industry and social institutions in Europe; 12. Conclusion; Bibliography, Index.


"State Corporatism and Proto-Industry...greatly advances our understanding of the development of the European economy in the crucial seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. ...a powerful new perspective on the fascinatingly diverse emergence of pre-factory industrialization." Robert S. DuPlessis, Canadian Jrnl of History

"...solidly argued study" Dennis Frey, Jr., German Studies Review

"...provocative and, ultimately, convincing. State Corporatism and Proto-Industry should be required for all economic and social historians of early modern Europe." Thomas Max Safley, Journal of Modern History

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