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The Cambridge Companion to the Spanish Novel
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511222160 | ISBN-10: 0511222165)

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Presenting the development of the modern Spanish novel from 1600 to the present, this Companion draws on the combined legacies of Don Quijote and the traditions of the picaresque novel. Essays focus on invention and experiment and examine the role played by historical events and cultural contexts in the Spanish novel's evolution. Including a chronology and guide to further reading, the survey reveals the innovative techniques characterizing the Spanish novel as well as the debates surrounding it.


Introduction: mirror and text Harriet Turner and Adelaida López de Martínez; Part I. Since Cervantes . . .: 1. The legacy of Don Quijote and the picaresque novel Anthony J. Close; 2. The enlightenment and fictional form Rebecca Haidt; Part II. The Nineteenth Century: 3. The regional novel: evolution and consolation Alison Sinclair; 4. The Folletín: Spain looks to Europe Elisa Marti-Lopez; 5. The Realist Novel Harriet Turner; 6. History and fiction Geoffrey Ribbans; 7. Gender and beyond: nineteenth-century women Spanish writers Lou Charnon-Deutsch; 8. Decadence and innovation in fin de siglo Spain Noel M. Valis; Part III. The Twentieth Century: 9. From the generation of 1898 to the vanguard Roberta Johnson; 10. The testimonial novel and the novel of memory Gonzalo Sobejano; 11. Questioning the text Bradley Epps; 12. Women and fiction in post-Franco Spain Akiko Tsuchiya; 13. Cultural alliances: film and literature in the socialist period: 1982–1995 Isolina Ballesteros; 14. The novel beyond modernity Teresa Vilarós; 15. Writing about writing Randolph Pope.


"Essential." Choice

"One might be concerned that such an ambitious project would yield a loosely connected series of articles or, on the other hand, studies that overlap excessively. Neither is the result in the case of this skillfully articulated volume of comparative analyses of the Spanish novel's development...Without undermining the importance of the chronological development of the novel, the ribbon of shared concerns ties the studies together laterally as well as vertically. The result is a collection of essays that no academic library should be without and a truly valuable companion to scholars of modern Spanish narrative." - Kathleen Doyle, Rhodes College


Harriet Turner, Adelaida López de Martínez, Anthony J. Close, Rebecca Haidt, Alison Sinclair, Elisa Marti-Lopez, Harriet Turner, Geoffrey Ribbans, Lou Charnon-Deutsch, Noel M. Valis, Roberta Johnson, Gonzalo Sobejano, Bradley Epps, Akiko Tsuchiya, Isolina Ballesteros, Teresa Vilarós, Randolph Pope

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