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Shakespeare in Print
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511060366 | ISBN-10: 051106036X)

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This comprehensive reference surveys the editing and publishing of Shakespeare's texts from the Renaissance through our own time. Andrew Murphy not only covers all of the major scholarly editions. He also includes mass market popular editions and ranges widely across the rich field of Shakespeare publishing. Murphy's comprehensive listing of major Shakespeare editions makes this volume an invaluable basic research resource.


Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Part I. Text: Introduction; 1. The early quartos; 2. Early collected editions; 3. The Tonson era 1: Rowe to Warburton; 4. The Tonson era 2: Johnson to Malone; 5. Copyright disputes: English publishers; 6. Copyright disputes: Scottish and Irish publishers; 7. American editions; 8. Nineteenth-century popular editions; 9. Nineteenth-century scholarly editions; 10. The New Bibliography; 11. The later twentieth century; Conclusion - twenty-first-century Shakespeares; Part II. Appendix: Introduction to the appendix; Chronological appendix; Index 1: by play/poem title; Index 2: by series title; Index 3: by editor; Index 4: by publisher; Index 5: by place (excluding London); Notes; Bibliography; Main Index.


"Every once in a while, a new study is published whose usefulness is so obvious and its interest such that one can only wonder why no one else has attempted to fill the gap before. Andrew Murphy's Shakespeare in Print is a case in point. It offers no less than the first-ever history of Shakespeare publishing and editing from the late sixteenth to the early twenty-first century. [...] Not content to produce an indispensable reference work, he has simultaneously written an immensely entertaining narrative that makes for compulsive reading. [This book is] not only the authoritative scholarly history of Shakespeare publishing and editing but also a page-turner which many readers will find difficult to put down." Around the Globe (UK)

"This is an exciting book... [Murphy's] book is an attempt 'to meld editing and publishing history, in order to produce as multifaceted an account of the history of the reproduction of the Shakespeare text as possible.' The author succeeds brilliantly... Murphy's study contains a plethora of information and constitutes a major achievement." The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America

"Andrew Murphy generally allows his history to speak for itself and resists making judgements, but what he has done is important, and his very readable and well-organized book will find a place in any courses on editing and bibliography, and should appeal to a much wider audience" - Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England, R.A. Foakes

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