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Chile: The Making of a Republic, 1830–1865
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511056192 | ISBN-10: 0511056192)

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Simon Collier examines the formative period of the Chilean republic's history. He combines an analysis of the ideas and assumptions of the Chilean political class with a narrative of the political process from the consolidation of the Conservative regime in the 1830s, to the beginning of the liberalization in the early 1860s. Chile's stable and increasingly liberal political tradition was forged in serious and occasionally violent conflicts between the dominant Conservative Party (which governed in an often authoritarian manner from 1830 to 1858) and the growing forces of political Liberalism. A major political realignment in 1857-8 paved the way for comprehensive liberalization.


Acknowledgments; Abbreviations used in the notes; Introduction; Part I. The New Republic, 1830–65: 1. The early republic: a sketch; 2. The conservative system; Part II. From Portales to Montt, 1835–51: 3. Authoritarians and moderates, 1835–46; 4. The liberal challenge, 1846–51; Part III. Mid-Century Attitudes: 5. Progress and its instruments; 6. Political argument; 7. Model republic; 8. Looking outward; Part IV. Order and Liberty, 1851–64: 9. The Conservative defection, 1851–8; 10. The triumph of liberty, 1859–64; Sources; Index.


"[T]he book is a delight to read, it is packed with useful insights and fascinating nuggets of information, and it offers the first clear narrative in English of a critically important era in Chilean history." Andy Daitsman-Villalobos, The Americas

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