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The Cambridge Companion to the Stoics


  • 2 b/w illus.
  • Page extent: 448 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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  • Dewey number: 188
  • Dewey version: 21
  • LC Classification: B528 .C26 2003
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Stoics

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521770057 | ISBN-10: 052177005X)

Replaced by 9780521779852


This volume offers an odyssey through the ideas of the Stoics in three ways: through the historical trajectory of the school itself and its influence; the recovery of the history of Stoic thought; and finally, the ongoing confrontation with Stoicism. The study demonstrates how Stoicism refines philosophical traditions, challenges the imagination, and ultimately defines the kind of life one chooses to lead. Advanced students and specialists will discover a conspectus of developments in this interpretation of the Stoics and new readers will be drawn to its accessibility.


Introduction: Stoicism: an intellectual odyssey Brad Inwood; 1. The school, from Zeno to Arius Didymus David Sedley; 2. The school in the Roman imperial period Christopher Gill; 3. Stoic epistemology R. J. Hankinson; 4. Stoic logic Susanne Bobzien; 5. Stoic natural philosophy (physics and cosmology) Michael J. White; 6. Stoic theology Keimpe Algra; 7. Stoic determinism Dorothea Frede; 8. Stoic metaphysics Jacques Brunschwig; 9. Stoic ethics Malcolm Schofield; 10. Stoic moral psychology Tad Brennan; 11. Stoicism and medicine R. J. Hankinson; 12. The stoic contribution to traditional grammar David Blank and Catherine Atherton; 13. The stoics and the astronomical sciences Alexander Jones; 14. Stoic naturalism and its critics T. H. Irwin; 15. Stoicism in the philosophical tradition: Spinoza, Lipsius, Butler A. A. Long.

Prize Winner

CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title, 2004


"I thoroughly recommend this book to anybody with an interest in Stoicism, its history, and its legacy. [An] unqualified success. The Companion leaves us not only with a good impression of, and furthered interests in, the Stoics themselves, but also with the systematic question of whether Stoic ethics and moral psychology can be separated from their theoretical and cosmological commitments. If they can, they have a good deal to teach us moderns about the role of reason, emotion and virtue in human life." Dominique Kuenzle, University of Sheffield, Metapsychology

"...another fine volume in the Cambridge Companion series, a series which always delivers on it promise to give 'specialists' a solid conspectus of the latest scholarship..." -Ancient Philosophy, Jeffrey S. Purinton


Brad Inwood, David Sedley, Christopher Gill, R. J. Hankinson, Susanne Bobzien, Michael J. White, Keimpe Algra, Dorothea Frede, Jacques Brunschwig, Malcolm Schofield, Tad Brennan, David Blank, Catherine Atherton, Alexander Jones, T. H. Irwin, A. A. Long

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