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The Cambridge History of Scandinavia
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  • 70 b/w illus. 15 maps 7 tables
  • Page extent: 892 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 1.414 kg

Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 948/.02
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: DL46 .C36 2003
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Scandinavia--History

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521472999 | ISBN-10: 0521472997)

  • Published November 2003

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$340.00 (R)

The various countries and communities that constitute present-day Scandinavia consider themselves as integral parts of that larger region. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Greenland share a common geographic, historic and socio-cultural distinctness that differs from the rest of Europe. This "distinctness" provides the rationale for compiling a comprehensive and comparative history of Scandinavia. The first volume in the series will be followed by two others.


Introduction Knut Helle; Part I. The Geography and Prehistory of Scandinavia: 1. The Scandinavian landscape and its resources Ulf Sporrong; 2. The Stone and Bronze Ages Ari Siiriäinen; 3. The Iron Age Bjørn Myhre; 4. Languages and ethnic groups Michael Barnes; Part II. From Vikings to Kings: 5. The Viking expansion Peter Sawyer; 6. Viking culture Else Roesdahl and Preben Meulengracht-Sørensen; 7. Scandinavia enters Christian Europe Birgit Sawyer and Peter Sawyer; 8. Early political organisation; 8(a). Introductory survey Thomas Lindkvist; 8(b). The making of the Danish kingdom Inge Skovgaard-Petersen; 8(c). The early unification of Norway Claus Krag; 8(d). The Norse communities of the western ocean Magnús Stefánsson; 8(e). Kings and provinces in Sweden Thomas Lindkvist; Part III. Material Growth (to c. 1350): 9. Demographic conditions Ole Jørgen Benedictow; 10. Rural conditions Eljas Orrman; 11. Urbanisation Hans Andersson; Part IV. The High Medieval Kingdoms: 12. Towards nationally organised systems of government; 12(a). Introductory Survey Knut Helle; 12(b). The Danish kingdom; consolidation and disintegration Inge Skovgaard-Petersen; 12(c). The Norwegian kingdom: succession disputes and consolidation Knut Helle; 12(d). Sweden under the dynasty of the Folkungs Herman Schück; 12(e). Growing inter-Scandinavian entanglement Knut Helle; 13. Church and Society Eljas Orrman; Part V. High and Late Medieval Culture: 14. Ideologies and mentalities Sverre Bagge; 15. Literature Lars Lönnroth, Vésteinn Ólason and Anders Piltz; 16. Art and architecture Anna Nilsén; 17. Music Ingrid De Geer. Part VI. Late Medieval Society: 18. Population and settlement Jouko Vahtola; 19. The condition of the rural population Eljas Orrman; 20. The towns Göran Dahlbäck; 21. The nobility of the late Middle Ages Erik Ulsig; 22. Church and clergy Lars Hamre; Part VII. Scandinavian Unions (1319–1520): 23. The political system Herman Schück; 24. Inter-Scandinavian relations Jens E. Olesen; Conclusion Knut Helle; Bibliography; Index.

Prize Winner

CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles, 2005


"...this work is clearly designed to permit regular consultation in library collections for many decades. Essential." Choice

"...a significant addition to the growing literature on Nordic indispensable reference book for every major library. Thanks to good editing, it is highly readable and flows seamlessly from chapter to another. It is a volume not only for professional historians, but also a valuable research tool for college students and the general adult reading public." History


Knut Helle, Ulf Sporrong, Ari Siiriäinen, Bjørn Myhre, Michael Barnes, Peter Sawyer, Else Roesdahl, Preben Meulengracht-Sørensen, Birgit Sawyer, Thomas Lindkvist, Inge Skovgaard-Petersen, Claus Krag, Magnús Stefánsson, Ole Jørgen Benedictow, Eljas Orrman, Hans Andersson, Herman Schück, Sverre Bagge, Lars Lönnroth, Vésteinn Ólason, Anders Piltz, Anna Nilsén, Ingrid De Geer, Jouko Vahtola, Göran Dahlbäck, Erik Ulsig, Lars Hamre†, Jens E. Olesen

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