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Absolutism and Society in Seventeenth-Century France
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  • Page extent: 396 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521367820 | ISBN-10: 0521367824)

  • There was also a Hardback of this title but it is no longer available | Adobe eBook
  • Published January 1989

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Why was Louis XIV successful in pacifying the same aristocrats who had been troublesome for Richelieu and Mazarin? What role did absolutism play in reinforcing or changing the traditional social system in seventeenth-century France? This analysis of the provincial reality of absolutism argues that the answers to these questions lie in the relationship between the regional aristocracy and the crown. Starting with a critical examination of current approaches to state and society by institutional, social "Annales," and Marxist historians, the author calls for a new class analysis based on the findings of all these schools.


List of tables; List of figures; Preface; List of abbreviations; Map; Part I. Introduction: 1. Absolutism and class; 2. Languedoc and its rulers; Part II. The Distribution of Authority: 3. Urban setting and local authorities; 4. The sovereign courts: a provincial perspective; 5. The royal agents: a national linkage; 6. The Estates: central bargaining place; Part III. The province on its own: 7. Contradictory aspirations and practical problems; 8. The inadequacy of authority; 9. The prospects for provincial solidarity; Part IV. The province and the crown: 10. Channels of personal influence; 11. Tax flows and society; 12. Collaborating with the king: positive results and fulfiled ambitions; 13. Basking in the sun: the triumph of authority and hierarchy; Conclusion; Appendix; Select bibliography; Index.

Prize Winner

The American Historical Association's Herbert Baxter Adams Prize


" of the outstanding works on early modern France produced in the last decade...It will be a most influential work, one with which all scholars of the period should be familiar." American Historical Review

"...a tour de force...The erudition, probing questions, and subtlety of this study will assure its place among the outstanding works published by an American in French history." Renaissance Quarterly

"This well-written work carries considerable potential for use in the classroom. While it is a sophisticated piece of scholarship, it will also demonstrate for students the complexities of absolutism in the 17th and early 18th centuries." NIcholas Rowe, H-Net Reviews

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