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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

October 26th 2021 0

Keeping expectations realistic for COP26 in Glasgow

There are great expectations by governments, businesses, and civil society for the forthcoming Glasgow Climate Conference, or COP 26, as it’s known in the jargon. US Secretary of State John Kerry has labelled it “the last best hope for the wor…

October 26th 2021

Liszt in Context

Even 135 years after his death, Liszt’s glamour continues to fascinate. He was the rock star of the nineteenth century, women swooning at his feet as he performed the most demanding music of his age with almost supernatural ability. It is a powerful…

October 25th 2021

A Q&A with Shawn Bayern, author of ‘Autonomous Organizations’

Q: What led you to start thinking about how software or robots might get legal personhood? A: It was two things, really. On one side, I started noticing that significant activities within existing organizations had become entirely automated but still had …

October 22nd 2021

The Shrine at the Tomb of the Confucius’s Robe and Cap

In a rural area, now part of modern Shanghai, a 34th-generation descendant is alleged to have buried the robe and cap of Confucius (Kongzi; 551-479 BCE), over a thousand years after his death. Another thousand years later, highly educated local elites and…

October 22nd 2021

Decarbonization is a Household Issue in Extractive Communities

At COP26, nations will be pressured to commit more funds for climate change adaptation and resilience – to the tune of billions of dollars each year. Yet how adaptation and resilience are enacted at the community level is complicated, and relies hea…

October 21st 2021

How Would the World Deliver $100 Billion in Climate Aid?

In a recent New York Times opinion piece, Larry Fink, the Chairman and CEO of the $10 trillion financial giant, BlackRock, and an outspoken advocate for ESG investment, argues that rich countries (OECD + China, as per Fink’s classification) should a…

October 21st 2021

Domestic Politics at the Root: Obstacles and Opportunities at the Glasgow COP

With COP less than two weeks away, one may wonder what the 26th round of the United Nations annual climate talks has in store. Media outlets from around the world, advocacy groups, and NGOs have come down hard on climate diplomats to have a renewed sense …

October 21st 2021

The Passing of a Nuclear Proliferator Par Excellence

Abdul Qadeer Khan, better known to the world as A. Q. Khan, passed away in October 2021 at the age of 85. Often referred to as the Father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, and revered by many Pakistanis for this achievement, he is less fondly remembered i…

October 21st 2021

The Supernatural “Natural Experiment”: Rehabilitation and Remediation of Internationally Adopted Children

International adoption is not a modern invention: it has existed throughout known human history. But then something occurred that had never happened before in such a short period of time and on a such vast scale.

October 20th 2021

Why we need an energy convergence of conception of climate change

As illustrated by the work of the philosopher Thomas Kuhn, our conceptual models, our paradigms, frame our interpretation of data. Today, it is critically important that we share an “energy convergence” view of climate change[1].Climate change…

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October 27th 2021 0

Our open ambitions

Open Access Week is always a good chance to reflect on the progress since last year and think about what needs to happen next.…

October 26th 2021 0

A Q&A with the course leader of Intercultural Business Communication and VUCA

What is your favourite part about the field of intercultural communication? It’s so universal. Culture doesn’t equal country. Cultural difference can be linked to professional, generational, gender, organisational, industry-specific or regi…

October 26th 2021 0

A Q&A with the course leader of Creativity, Problem-Solving and Design Thinking

What are your current research interests? I generally research design, creativity and communication. My most recent work is on the interaction between problem solving and problem finding.…

October 26th 2021 0

Conversations with Authors: Send Back the Bloodstained Money

In this Conversation with Authors, we spoke with Dr. Emma Saunders-Hastings about her recent APSR article, “‘Send Back the Bloodstained Money’: Frederick Douglass on Tainted Gifts.”…

October 26th 2021 0

In Defence of Newcastle Fans: Business, Human Rights and Amoral Capitalism

Newcastle United is now owned by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. The UK media has almost universally condemned the takeover, and Newcastle fans support for the takeover, as paradigmatic examples of contemporary amorality, valuing football over…

October 22nd 2021 0

Comparison of Structural Model Reduction Methods Applied to a Large-Deformation Wing Box

Much effort is currently being devoted to reducing the environmental effect of commercial jet aircraft, but this is not simply a case of replacing kerosine with synthetic fuels, batteries or hydrogen propulsion. A great deal of research needs to be focus…

October 22nd 2021 0

What is Creativity?

Numerous studies have shown that organisations and leaders cite creativity as the most valued attribute in their employees but what exactly is meant by creativity in these contexts?

October 22nd 2021 0

Profile: Eden Lazaness, Cambridge Academic Online Customer Experience Director

Eden Lazaness was appointed Online Customer Experience Director for Cambridge Academic in spring 2020. The role is not new, but hers is exponentially different from that of her predecessor because Cambridge now has many more academic publishing platforms …

October 21st 2021 0

Cahn-Hilliard equations on an evolving surface

The phenomenon of spontaneous isothermal phase separation in a binary alloy is described mathematically by the Cahn-Hilliard equation. It is named after John W.…

October 20th 2021 0

Weathering the storm at the Qingtu Lake Observation Array

On July 25th, 2021, a wall of sand engulfed the Chinese city of Dunhuang. As the dust rolled in, the air in the city took on a nearly opaque burnt orange hue that made travel practically impossible.…

October 20th 2021 0

The Materiality of English Suicide Letters, c.1700-c.1850

Usually slipped quietly between the pages of a coroner’s inquest, these deeply personal letters always gave me the greatest sense that I was hearing the voices of the people I studied.

October 20th 2021 0

Writing images, reading syllables: script creation in Bronze Age Crete

What’s a sign? What’s in a sign? In the paper ‘Imagining Cretan scripts: the influence of visual motifs on the creation of script-signs in Bronze Age Crete’, Dr Ester Salgarella explores the processes of sign creation and their tra…

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