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Mestizo Spaces/Espaces Mètisses

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Editors: Professor Bogumil Jewsiewicki, Professor V. Y. Mudimbe

One of the most important challenges of our time is to conceive a difference as what cannot be reduced to a common denominator. All utopias of a unitary field of knowledge have become suspect. Diversity is not only a fundamental component of life but a major perspective on both our identities and our knowledges. We are, all of us, métis. Thus a fundamental element of our present situation and our major difficulties is a need to negotiate universalization and particularization. Our realm, from now on, consists of encounters between the particular and the universal, which reproduce each other without absorbing each other. Ethnicities, nationalisms, regionalisms, sexualities, and minority identities are not fading away. They become stronger in the face of contemporary cultural globalization. Mass media culture allows them to blossom; their prosperity demands a continuous universalization of culture and circulation of goods and people. This series publishes books that explore the horizons of our present-day cultures and conflicts. Its objective is to show how espaces métissés function, to explore the creativity of the present in the hope of better comprehending an impossible past. Its principal horizon is the future, not a predictable future, but the future as an objective of critical perception.

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