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Breakthroughs in Application Development

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Editor: Mr David Orchard

Breakthroughs in Application Development is the first series to be established by the SIGS Publications/Cambridge University Press imprint. The books in this series present the most leading-edge technologies and applications in the rapidly evolving field of application development. Each book appeals to the advanced professional who wishes to stay at the forefront of the IT and software developoment industry.

This series is now complete - no further titles will be commissioned in this series.

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There are 7 books in this series...

[3] Mobile Commerce

Opportunities, Applications, and Technologies of Wireless Business
Volume 0, Part 0,

[4] Practical WAP

Developing Applications for the Wireless Web

[1] The Business of Ecommerce

From Corporate Strategy to Technology

[2] e-Enterprise

Business Models, Architecture, and Components
Volume 0, Part 0,