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Modern British Histories

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Editors: Deborah Cohen, Professor Margot Finn, Professor Peter Mandler

Modern British Histories publishes original research monographs drawn from the full spectrum of a large and lively community of modern historians of Britain. Its goal is to keep metropolitan and national histories of Britain fresh and vital in an intellectual atmosphere increasingly attuned to, and enriched by, the transnational, the international and the comparative. It will include books that focus on British histories within the UK, as well as those that tackle the subject of Britain and the world inside and outside the boundaries of formal empire from 1750 to the present. An indicative - but not exhaustive - list of approaches and topics which the series welcomes includes material culture studies, modern intellectual history, gender, race and class histories, histories of modern science and histories of British capitalism within a global framework. Open and wide-ranging, the series will publish books by authoritative scholars, at all stages of career, with something genuinely new to say.

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There are 4 books in this series...

Thatcher's Progress

From Social Democracy to Market Liberalism through an English New Town
Volume 0, Part 0,