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Intellectual Property, Innovation and Economic Development

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Editor: Professor Carsten Fink

Intellectual property is at the heart of modern economic life. In many countries, investment in intangible assets is growing faster than investment in tangible assets. Policy makers - whether in rich or poor economies - seek to promote an intellectual property framework that is conducive to innovation and economic growth. The series Intellectual Property, Innovation and Economic Development intends to inform such policy initiatives through rigorous scholarship. Each book in the series examines a major aspect of the interface between IP, innovation and economic development. Economic analysis is complemented by contributions from other academic disciplines to present the latest scholarship and consider its real-world implications. The series builds on studies by the World Intellectual Property Organization, reflecting the research interests of the international policy-making community.

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There are 5 books in this series...

The Informal Economy in Developing Nations

Hidden Engine of Innovation?
Volume 0, Part 0,

The International Mobility of Talent and Innovation

New Evidence and Policy Implications
Volume 0, Part 0,