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India: Science and Technology

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The India: Science and Technology series has been initiated to provide quantitative information on the state of Science and Technology in India, highlighting its importance in India's development agenda. It covers interfaces of Science and Technology with Human Resources, Industry/Service sector, Outputs in term of publication, patents and rural upliftment. Each volume of the series is organized along a focal theme keeping in tune with the topical policy issues of the time. The first volume presented an overall scenario of science and technology in India, emphasizing closer interaction between the industry, academician and the human resource. Volume 2 encompassed Innovation as the focal theme after the declaration of the present decade as the decade of innovation by the President. Since skill upgradation and employment generation has occupied the centre stage in recent years, Volume 3 has chosen the same as focal theme of the present edition of the book. The series plans to highlight other important issues in the forthcoming volumes.

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