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This series is now complete - no further titles will be commissioned in this series.

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There are 10 books in this series...

Mathematics and Cognition

A Research Synthesis by the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education

Mathematics as a Service Subject

  • Edited by A. G. Howson, J. P. Kahane, P. Lauginie, E. de Turckheim
  • Paperback | Published June 1988
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School Mathematics in the 1990s

The Influence of Computers and Informatics on Mathematics and its Teaching

Proceedings From a Symposium Held in Strasbourg, France in March 1985 and Sponsored by the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction

  • Edited by R. F. Churchhouse, B. Cornu, A. G. Howson, J.-P. Kahane, J. H. van Lint, F. Pluvinage, A. Ralston, M. Yamaguti
  • Paperback | Published March 1986
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The Popularization of Mathematics