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International Biological Programme Synthesis Series

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This series is now complete - no further titles will be commissioned in this series.

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There are 25 books in this series...

[26] Aquaculture of Grey Mullets

[17] Arid Land Ecosystems

Volume 2, Structure, Functioning and Management

[16] Arid Land Ecosystems 2 Part Paperback Set

Structure, Functioning and Management
Volume 1, Part 0,

[2] Crop Genetic Resources for Today and Tomorrow

[23] Dynamic Properties of Forest Ecosystems

[4] Food Protein Sources

[12] Granivorous Birds in Ecosystems

Their Evolution, Populations, Energetics, Adaptations, Impact and Control
Volume 0, Part 0,

[18] Grassland Ecosystems of the World: Analysis of Grasslands and their Uses

[19] Grasslands, Systems Analysis and Man

[15] Human Physiological Work Capacity

Volume 0, Part 0,

[10] Marine Mussels

Their Ecology and Physiology
Volume 0, Part 0,

[20] Marine Production Mechanisms

[6] Nitrogen Fixation by Free-Living Micro-Organisms

[3] Photosynthesis and Productivity in Different Environments

[11] Population Structure and Human Variation

Volume 0, Part 0,

[13] Production Ecology of Ants and Termites

[5] Small Mammals

Their productivity and population dynamics
Volume 0, Part 0,

[9] Studies in Biological Control

Volume 0, Part 0,

[7] Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation in Plants

[14] The Biology of High-Altitude Peoples

Volume 0, Part 0,

[1] The Evolution of IBP

[22] The Functioning of Freshwater Ecosystems

[21] The Human Biology of Circumpolar Populations

Volume 0, Part 0,

[24] The IBP Survey of Conservation Sites: An Experimental Study