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Fetus and Neonate: Physiology and Clinical Applications

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This series of books deals with key aspects of the development of the fetus and neonate. Current research on the physiology of the fetus and neonate has direct clinical applications, and, equally, clinical observations provide an important opportunity for physiological research. Furthermore, recent advances in imaging and monitoring have implications for both basic and clinical science at this critical stage of human development. Therefore, the books in the series focus on the interface between basic physiology and obstetric and pediatric practice. Each volume is devoted to a body system or physiological function and contains chapters by a number of expert authors offering a range of clinical and scientific viewpoints. The books are aimed at obstetricians and pediatricians in clinical practice as well as research scientists in physiology.

This series is now complete - no further titles will be commissioned in this series.

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Fetus and Neonate: Physiology and Clinical Applications

Volume 3, Growth

  • Edited by Mark A. Hanson, John A. D. Spencer, Charles H. Rodeck
  • Hardback | Published October 1995
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