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EuMA High Frequency Technologies Series

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Editor: Professor Peter Russer

This new series publishes books for researchers, practising engineers and graduate students, covering theory and practice of engineering at RF, microwave, mm-wave and optical frequencies.

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There are 18 books in this series...

Advances in Multi-Band Microstrip Filters

Volume 0, Part 0,

Green RFID Systems

Introduction to Microwave Imaging

Volume 0, Part 0,

Phased Arrays for Radio Astronomy, Remote Sensing, and Satellite Communications

Volume 0, Part 0,

  • Karl F. Warnick, Rob Maaskant, Marianna V. Ivashina, David B. Davidson, Brian D. Jeffs
  • Hardback | Published July 2018
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Plasmonic Nanoelectronics and Sensing

Volume 0, Part 0,

Ultra-wideband RF System Engineering

Volume 0, Part 0,

  • Edited by Thomas Zwick, Werner Wiesbeck, Jens Timmermann, Grzegorz Adamiuk
  • Hardback | Published October 2013
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Wavelet Radio

Adaptive and Reconfigurable Wireless Systems Based on Wavelets
Volume 0, Part 0,