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Elements in the Philosophy of Science

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Editors: Professor Robert Northcott, Dr Jacob Stegenga

Philosophy of science is a dynamic and important intellectual domain, reflecting the fast-moving and often controversial relationship between science and society. Traditional topics such as the nature of scientific explanation, the logic of hypothesis confirmation, and the metaphysics of causation have been joined more recently by a growing interest in research into areas including the role of values in scientific reasoning, the study of policy-oriented sciences such as climate science, and the role of social structures in affording and constraining science's pursuit of objectivity. The Elements in this series tackle cutting-edge debates as well as engaging with the history of the discipline, and leading experts present clear, authoritative and accessible insights into key topics, bringing in the latest research from related fields to deepen and elucidate the discussion. This comprehensive and forward-looking series will be vital for all those interested in philosophy of science.

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