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Elements in Publishing and Book Culture

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Editors: Ms Rebecca Lyons, Dr Samantha J. Rayner

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There are 16 books in this series...

Publishing the Science Fiction Canon

The Case of Scientific Romance
Volume 0, Part 0,

Capital Letters

The Economics of Academic Bookselling
Volume 0, Part 0,

The Anglo-Norman Historical Canon

Publishing and Manuscript Culture
Volume 0, Part 0,

The General Reader and the Academy

Medieval French Literature and Penguin Classics
Volume 0, Part 0,

Young People, Comics and Reading

Exploring a Complex Reading Experience
Volume 0, Part 0,

Contingent Canons

African Literature and the Politics of Location
Volume 0, Part 0,

Picture-Book Professors

Academia and Children's Literature
Volume 0, Part 0,

Digital Authorship

Publishing in the Attention Economy
Volume 0, Part 0,