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Elements in Organization Theory

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Editors: Professor Royston Greenwood, Professor Nelson Phillips

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There are 15 books in this series...

Comprehending the Incomprehensible

Organization Theory and Child Sexual Abuse in Organizations
Volume 0, Part 0,

Cultural Entrepreneurship

A New Agenda for the Study of Entrepreneurial Processes and Possibilities
Volume 0, Part 0,

Emotions in Organization Theory

Volume 0, Part 0,

  • Charlene Zietsma, Madeline Toubiana, Maxim Voronov, Anna Roberts
  • Paperback | Published April 2019
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Re-engaging with Sustainability in the Anthropocene Era

An Institutional Approach
Volume 0, Part 0,

Stakeholder Theory

Concepts and Strategies
Volume 0, Part 0,

  • R. Edward Freeman, Jeffrey S. Harrison, Stelios Zyglidopoulos
  • Paperback | Published August 2018
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Starting Points

Intellectual and Institutional Foundations of Organization Theory
Volume 0, Part 0,