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Elements in Applied Social Psychology

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Editors: Professor Heather Bullock, Professor Susan Clayton, Professor Amanda Diekman, Professor Immo Fritsche, Professor Lou Penner, Professor Michael Platow, Professor Peggy Stockdale, Professor Janet Swim

This series presents reviews of topics in applied social psychology. Links between social psychology and applied topics have been longstanding and substantial, and many social psychologists both past and present have worked to use social psychological research to address pressing social issues, from poverty and prejudice to work and health. Papers in the series will provide a review of the research in a particular area while foregrounding the authors' specific research focus. The length allows authors to develop their ideas and provide context for their research. Authors will discuss applications of their research findings and describe potential topics for future study.

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There are 6 books in this series...

Empathy and Concern with Negative Evaluation in Intergroup Relations

Implications for Designing Effective Interventions
Volume 0, Part 0,

The Psychology of Climate Change Adaptation

Volume 0, Part 0,