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Cambridge Studies in Transnational Law

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Editor: Professor Peer Zumbansen

Transnational law establishes itself as a unique area of legal research, practice, and education, domestically and internationally. As a label for the norms governing border-crossing commercial exchange, it has long been considered as central to a globalizing legal profession. Today, as a conceptual framework that captures the interaction of law with a host of human sciences, from anthropology to geography, from sociology to political science, transnational law illustrates the inescapable openness of law and legal norms. Implicated in fundamental societal transformations, law is both driver and driven. Transnational law as such functions as a methodological perspective through which to identify and conceptualize the emergence, contestation and diffusion of law through newly emerging constellations of actors, norms and processes. Established in 2017, the series will publish monographs in a range of doctrinal areas as well as on the intersection between law, legal theory and the humanities.

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There are 2 books in this series...

Regulatory Integration Across Borders

Public–Private Cooperation in Transnational Regulation
Volume 0, Part 0,