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Primary Maths NSW

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Primary Maths NSW is a comprehensive mathematics program that covers, both broadly and in-depth, the Mathematics K–6 Syllabus, 2002. The components of the Maths-in-Action series are: Teacher Programs K–6 Student Books K–6 Practice and Homework Books 1–6 The core of the program is the Primary Maths NSW Teacher Program folder which contains the framework of the scope and continuum, describing classroom activities and practice, cross-referenced to student activity and practice pages, the extra worksheets, and to relevant cards in the Maths-in-a-Box series. The Teacher Folder also contains indicators of how the Quality Teaching pedagogy is being addressed. It provides introductions to mathematical concept-forming at each level, the significance of classroom practice and activity and ideas for games and practical investigations. Also containing assessment recording sheets, blackline masters and diagnostic tests, the folders are complete teaching kits with a teaching plan for the whole year and which teachers can enrich with their own materials as best suits their needs. The Primary Maths NSW Student Books which are divided into strands contain worksheets for individual, group and pair work that students complete independently after the practical investigations and hands on activities as they explore mathematical concepts with their teacher. The exercises are graded subtly to cater to varying student ability. They provide ideas for discussion and special challenge questions for students to tackle. The Primary Maths NSW Practice and Homework Books provide exercises in mental computation, an extended open-ended task for the week, review of outcomes and concepts tackled in the previous week as well as ample practice of the current week's work. These composite units follow closely the progression of outcomes suggested in the teacher's program. The books are ideal for extra practice and for homework. Primary Maths NSW is designed to empower teachers with a resource that enhances and aids their efforts in the classroom. Written by practising mathematics teachers, it provides practical, effective material that is well-conceived and well-delivered. Jim Grant and Ed Lewis, the series consultants, are well-known mathematics educators who have supported the authors with their vast experience and understanding of both the mathematics curriculums and best classroom practice. They have reviewed the materials at every step and have been closely involved with the author team as the series was developed.

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