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African Identities: Past and Present

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Editors: Professor Toyin Falola, Professor Carina Ray

African Identities: Past and Present will offer a unique forum for Africanist historians to explore the multivalent processes through which collective identities have come into being, the work they have been made to do, the varied investments that historical and contemporary actors have made in them, and the epistemological dilemmas and intellectually fraught politics of writing about such contingent categories of being. The focus on African identities makes clear the series' commitment to publishing histories of the complex and ongoing processes of identity formation through which Africans have taken on shared senses of being. This series will call upon its authors to unpack the contingent, flexible, fluid, and interactive nature of collective African identities, while also exploring how historical actors have alternatively sought to delimit, expand or otherwise challenge the boundaries of such identities.

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There are 4 books in this series...

[1] Making Identity on the Swahili Coast

Urban Life, Community, and Belonging in Bagamoyo
Volume 0, Part 0,