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English language learning and skills

Helping students unlock opportunity through English language

Improved English language education systems can be central to creating a sustainable economy and providing opportunities for people of all ages. 

Around 20 per cent of the world’s population speaks the English language: it’s a global language and a powerful tool for education, mobility, employability and opportunity.

Learning English is about more than gaining exams and grades: it’s  about your students having the confidence to communicate and access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities. 

In every case, for every learner, every step of the way, we help students learn English and we support the improvement of standards in English language learning and teaching. 

Our team of educational experts are dedicated to delivering effective English language education projects worldwide. Our qualifications offer your students a structured – but also enjoyable, effective, and rewarding – way to improve their English. 

We also help teachers improve their own English, and provide them with professional development opportunities, so that they can pass on their experience to ensure their students benefit even more. 

We always work with your local context in mind, and our consultancy services are always adapted to meet each institution’s needs. 

Our English language learning and skills services include: 

  • Language policy and strategy
  • Benchmarking and diagnostics
  • Teacher development
  • Digital services
  • Evaluation and impact measurement 
  • Assessment and curriculum services 
  • Home
  • English Language Learning

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