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Expert support to make sure your curriculum gets the best results

You may be looking for expert guidance on how your curriculum, within your education system, can offer the right learning objectives and content and delivery methods, so that you can maximise learning and teaching activity.

This is the starting point, where you devise the what, why, and how of what students are expected to study – and this first step is where our expert curriculum teams can help.

We provide support in-line with international standards, taking an evidence-based approach to what it means to learn English and other subjects through the medium of English. We can evaluate your curriculum, map out your objectives, and support you in implementing a new curriculum – starting with your aims, and what will work best for your institution.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we bring a wealth of data and research to ensuring learner progression. This includes our work on the English Profile project, the Cambridge Learner Corpus and learner examination data, all of which have contributed to high-quality curriculum evaluation and development.

These credentials are further backed by our comparison and analysis of different international curriculum frameworks – so as to recognise the common characteristics within high-performing education systems.

Taking this holistic approach, we consider the connections between subjects, teaching methods, and all aspects of schooling that create a learner’s educational experience – to find the model of curriculum design and implementation that best fits with your institution, including:

  • bespoke curriculum design 
  • co-development or adaptation of a curriculum with your staff 
  • revising an existing Cambridge curriculum to suit your context 

Whichever is the best route for you, we’ll work with your teachers to ensure full support and training, and to help them gain confidence when they start to teach the curriculum to their students.

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