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Bienvenido a nuestra página de información para bibliotecas. En esta página encontrará información de novedades y títulos de especial interés para bibliotecas en formato pdf. También tiene un link a nuestra página de publicaciones online.

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Cambridge History of Christianity Add to basket

The Cambridge History of Turkey

  • Volume 4, Turkey in the Modern World
  • Edited by Resat Kasaba
    University of Washington
  • Hardback | ISBN-13: 9780521620963
  • US £100.00

Turkey's modern history has been shaped by its society and its institutions. In this fourth volume of The Cambridge History of Turkey a team of some of the most distinguished scholars of modern Turkey have come together to explore the interaction between these two aspects of Turkish modernization. The volume begins in the nineteenth century and traces the historical background through the reforms of the late Ottoman Empire, the period of the Young Turks, the War of Independence and the founding of the Ataturk's Republic. Thereafter, the volume focuses on the Republican period to consider a range of themes including political ideology, economic development, the military, migration, Kurdish nationalism, the rise of Islamism, and women's struggle for empowerment. The volume concludes with chapters on art and architecture, literature, and a brief history of Istanbul.

- Volume 4 of The Cambridge History of Turkey traces Turkey's incarnation from empire to modern republic
- Comprehensive coverage of its society, institutions and culture by an international team of scholars
- A vital source of reference for students, scholars and all those interested in modern Turkey

Cambridge History of Christianity Add to basket

Cambridge History of Christianity

  • Volume 3, Early Medieval Christianities, c.600-c.1100
  • Edited by Thomas F. X. Noble
    University of Notre Dame, Indiana
  • Julia M. H. Smith
    University of Glasgow
  • Hardback | ISBN-13: 9780521817752
  • US £100.00

The key focus of this book is the vitality and dynamism of all aspects of Christian experience from late antiquity to the First Crusade. By putting the institutional and doctrinal history firmly in the context of Christianity's many cultural manifestations and lived formations everywhere from Afghanistan to Iceland, this volume of The Cambridge History of Christianity emphasizes the ever-changing, varied expressions of Christianity at both local and world level. The insights of many disciplines, including gender studies, codicology, archaeology and anthropology, are deployed to offer fresh interpretations which challenge the conventional truths concerning this formative period. Addressing eastern, Byzantine and western Christianity, it explores encounters between Christians and others, notably Jews, Muslims, and pagans; the institutional life of the church including law, reform and monasticism; the pastoral and sacramental contexts of worship, belief and morality; and finally its cultural and theological meanings, including heresy, saints' cults and the afterlife.

- Emphasises dynamic transformations and cultural diversity of early medieval Christian experience, moving away from established 'monolithic' views
- Integrated approach to western, orthodox and eastern Christianities
- Fresh interpretations backed by recent scholarship in related disciplines including gender studies, archaeology, and anthropology