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Bienvenido a la página de derechos de autor de Cambridge University Press, en la que podrá encontrar amplia información de nuestras publicaciones en Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales, Medicina y demás materias científico-técnicas, así como títulos sobre temas de actualidad, ciencia divulgativa, etc.

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Women and Achievement in Nineteenth-Century Europe Add to basket

Women and Achievement in Nineteenth-Century Europe

  • Linda L. Clark
    Millersville University, Pennsylvania
  • Paperback | ISBN-13: 9780521658782
  • GBP £15.99
  • Hardback | ISBN-13: 9780521650984
  • GBP £40.00

This major new history of European women's professional activities and organizational roles during the 'long' nineteenth century examines what women could and could not do if they sought activity, purpose, or recognition beyond their own homes. Linda L. Clark surveys women's achievements in literature, art, music, theater, charity, education, medicine, law, and public administration, and examines the relationship between women's professional and philanthropic activity and the rise of feminist organizations. She shows that, despite continuing legal, cultural, and familial obstacles, thousands of ambitious women pursued professional activities for reasons that often combined economic need with aspirations to do meaningful work and gain public recognition. Detailing women's accomplishments from England to Russia, this unique survey enables readers to connect individual life stories with larger political, social, and economic contexts between 1789 and 1914 and is essential reading for students of modern European history, women's history, and gender studies.

- The first comprehensive survey of the professional and public lives of nineteenth century European women
- Features discussions of prominent figures such as George Sand, Mary Wollstencraft, Marie Curie and Germaine de Stael
- Essential reading for students of modern European history, women's history, and gender studies

Peace Add to basket


  • A History of Movements and Ideas
  • David Cortright
    University of Notre Dame, Indiana
  • Paperback | ISBN-13: 9780521670005
  • GBP £17.99
  • Hardback | ISBN-13: 9780521854023
  • GBP £45.00

Veteran scholar and peace activist David Cortright offers a definitive history of the human striving for peace and an analysis of its religious and intellectual roots. This authoritative, balanced, and highly readable volume traces the rise of peace advocacy and internationalism from their origins in earlier centuries through the mass movements of recent decades: the pacifist campaigns of the 1930s, the Vietnam antiwar movement, and the waves of disarmament activism that peaked in the 1980s. Also explored are the underlying principles of peace - nonviolence, democracy, social justice, and human rights - all placed within a framework of 'realistic pacifism'. Peace brings the story up-to-date by examining opposition to the Iraq War and responses to the so-called 'war on terror'. This is history with a modern twist, set in the context of current debates about 'the responsibility to protect', nuclear proliferation, Darfur, and conflict transformation.

- A complete examination of all aspects of the debate about peace in one readable volume - A unique study that combines a history of movements with a history of ideas
- Provides an analysis of current opposition to the war in Iraq and responses to the threat of global terrorism


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