English360 service for building customised courses now launched

English360 logo Adding new content to English360

English360's online platform lets ELT teachers mix content from Cambridge University Press with their own materials, to build customised blended learning courses. For the first time, teachers are given the tools that put them in control.

Teachers can tailor courses to their learners' specific goals, by pulling relevant content together from a variety of sources, including their own worksheets and handouts, articles, podcasts and videos from the web; and by cutting and pasting lessons and exercises from 21 of Cambridge University Press's leading ELT titles.

English360's tools are both easy to use and powerful, even allowing new content to be made from scratch. Teachers are able to share the courses they create with others in their school or with the wider English360 community, and can learn from each other in discussion forums. Built-in networking features let students communicate freely with their teachers and each other while online, so they can identify in advance what to focus on at the next face-to-face lesson.

The platform is quick and simple to set up, and lets you get going immediately. 'We've designed English360 to deliver blended learning out of the box,' said Cleve Miller, Managing Director of English360.

For more information, visit www.english360.com.