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The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Film
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 (ISBN-13: 9781107481534)

Film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays are increasingly popular and now figure prominently in the study of his work and its reception. This Companion is a lively collection of critical and historical essays on the films adapted from, and inspired by, Shakespeare's plays. Chapters have been revised and updated from the first edition to include the most recent films and scholarship. An international team of leading scholars discuss Shakespearean films from a variety of perspectives: as works of art in their own right; as products of the international movie industry; and as the work of particular directors from Laurence Olivier and Orson Welles to Franco Zeffirelli and Kenneth Branagh. They also consider specific issues such as the portrayal of Shakespeare's women and the supernatural. The emphasis is on feature films for cinema, rather than television, with strong coverage of Hamlet, Richard III, Macbeth, King Lear and Romeo and Juliet.

• Comprehensive coverage of issues and development of Shakespearean films • Chapters have been updated and revised from the first edition to include most recent films and scholarship • Includes a useful further reading list and a filmography


Introduction: Shakespeare, films and the marketplace Russell Jackson; Part I. Adaptation and its Contexts: 1. From play-script to screenplay Russell Jackson; 2. Video and its paradoxes Michèle Willems; 3. Critical junctures in Shakespeare screen history: the case of Richard III Barbara Freedman; 4. Shakespeare and movie genre: the case of Hamlet Harry Keyishian; Part II. Genres and Plays: 5. The comedies on film Michael Hattaway; 6. Filming Shakespeare's history: three films of Richard III H. R. Coursen; 7. Hamlet, Macbeth and King Lear on film J. Lawrence Guntner; 8. The tragedies of love on film Patricia Tatspaugh; Part III. Directors: 9. The Shakespeare films of Laurence Olivier Anthony Davies; 10. Orson Welles and filmed Shakespeare Pamela Mason; 11. Grigori Kozintsev's Hamlet and King Lear Mark Sokolyansky; 12. Franco Zeffirelli and Shakespeare Deborah Cartmell; 13. Flamboyant realist: Kenneth Branagh Samuel Crowl; Part IV. Critical Issues: 14. Looking at Shakespeare's women on film Carol Chillington Rutter; 15. National and racial stereotypes in Shakespeare films Neil Taylor; 16. Shakespeare the illusionist: filming the supernatural Neil Forsyth; 17. Shakespeare's cinematic offshoots Tony Howard; Further reading; Filmography.


'A fascinating analysis of a wondrous subject, this book is an essential contribution to the library of all serious film buffs and Shakespearean anoraks alike. From the Italianisation of Shakespeare via Franco Zeffirelli, right through to the rigorous historicising and politicisation of Shakespeare's media configurations (of which there are indeed many), these seventeen essays are simply crucial.' David Marx


Russell Jackson, Michèle Willems, Barbara Freedman, Harry Keyishian, Michael Hattaway, H. R. Coursen, J. Lawrence Guntner, Patricia Tatspaugh, Anthony Davies, Pamela Mason, Mark Sokolyansky, Deborah Cartmell, Samuel Crowl, Carol Chillington Rutter, Neil Taylor, Neil Forsyth, Tony Howard

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