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Cancer Pain


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521879279)

Drs Eduardo D. Bruera and Russell K. Portenoy have completely revised and updated the widely respected Cancer Pain: Assessment and Management for the second edition of this unanimously praised book. This is a comprehensive, clinically oriented review of all aspects of the complex and multidimensional problem of cancer pain. The unique characteristics of cancer pain, including pathophysiology, clinical assessment, diagnosis, and pharmacological and nonpharmacological management are all discussed here in detail. Internationally recognized leaders in cancer pain research have contributed to many new chapters, including neuraxial analgesia, hospice and institution-based palliative care programs, bone pain, and cancer pain and palliative care in the developing world. Cancer Pain continues to be a scholarly but accessible text that is an essential resource for physicians, nurses, and medical students who treat suffering from cancer pain.

• First edition was widely reviewed favorably • Completely revised and updated with top names in the field • Multidisciplinary approach, with reviews of several areas of pain management


Part I. Mechanisms and Epidemiology: 1. Nociception: basic principles Rie Suzuki, Shafaq Sikandar and Anthony H. Dickenson; 2. Pathophysiology of malignant bone pain Juan Miguel Jimenez-Andrade, Monica Herrera and Patrick Mantyh; Part II. Epidemiology and Syndromes: 3. Cancer pain epidemiology Irene J. Higginson and Fliss Murtagh; 4. Cancer pain syndromes Mervyn Koh and Russell K. Portenoy; Part III. Assessment: 5. The assessment of cancer pain: measurement strategy Karen O. Anderson; 6. Multidimensional assessment: pain and palliative care Norma O'Leary, Carol Stone and Peter G. Lawlor; 7. Evaluating pain for children with cancer Patricia A. McGrath and Eric J. Crawford; 8. Pain syndromes in cancer survivors Rosemary C. Polomano, Michael Ashburn and John T. Farrar; Part IV. Pharmacological Treatment: 9. Pharmacology of analgesia: basic principles Charles E. Inturrisi; 10. Pharmacogenetic considerations in the treatment of cancer pain Pål Klepstad; 11. Pharmacology of opioid analgesia: clinical principles Carla Ripamonti and Claudia Bareggi; 12. Opioid side effects and management Maxine De La Cruz and Eduardo Bruera; 13. Antipyretic analgesics Burkhard Hinz and Kay Brune; 14. Adjuvant analgesic drugs Russell K. Portenoy and Mervyn Koh; 15. Neuraxial analgesia L. Holford and Michael Cousins; Part V. Other Interventional Strategies: 16. Neural blockade for cancer pain Rebecca Chan and Oscar de Leon-Cassasola; 17. Neurosurgical treatment of cancer pain Robert W. Hurley and Fred A. Lenz; Part VI. Rehabilitation and Psychological Interventions: 18. Psychological interventions for cancer pain Francis J. Keefe, Amy P. Abernethy, Jane L. Wheeler and Tamara J. Somers; 19. Rehabilitation medicine interventions Jack B. Fu, Ki Y. Shin and Theresa A. Gillis; Part VII. The Role of Antineoplastic Therapies in Pain Control: 20. Palliative radiotherapy Alysa Fairchild and Edward Chow; 21. Palliative systemic antineoplastic therapy Michael J. Fisch; 22. Cancer pain management in the chemically dependent patient Steven D. Passik, Lara K. Dhingra and Kenneth L. Kirsh; Part VIII: Pain in Special Populations: 23. Cancer pain in children Richard Hain; 24. Managing cancer pain in the elderly Marvin Omar Delgado-Guay and David Wollner; Part IX. Difficult Pain Problems: 25. Cancer pain and depression William S. Breitbart, Wendy G. Lichtenthal, Hayley Pessin and Gloria Lee; 26. Neuropathic pain Ricardo A. Cruciani, E. Alessandra Strada and Helena Knotkova; 27. Breakthrough pain Sebastiano Mercadante; 28. Bone pain Badi El Osta and Eduardo Bruera; Part X. Systems of Care: 29. Integrating cancer pain management into hospice practice and institution-based palliative care programs Sandra P. Gomez and Paul W. Walker; 30. Pain in medical illness: ethical foundations Pauline Lesage and Russell K. Portenoy; 31. Understanding clinical trials in pain research John T. Farrar and Scott D. Halpern; 32. Legal and regulatory aspects of opioid treatment: the United States experience June L. Dahl; 33. Role of family caregivers in cancer pain management Myra Glajchen; 34. Cancer pain and palliative care in the developing world Roberto Wenk, Daniela Mosoiu and M. R. Rajagopal.


'The list of editors and contributing authors reads like a who's who in the field of cancer-pain management … This comprehensive yet practical book contains all the information needed to provide appropriate interventions to relieve pain in patients who have cancer, while also dispelling the myths and concerns that have contributed to the reluctance of physicians to provide such care. This book should be in the library of every physician who comes into contact with patients with pain. It is truly superb.' New England Journal of Medicine

'The stated purpose of the editors is to provide a clinically oriented but scholarly and comprehensive review of the problem of cancer pain. They have clearly met this goal by developing what will be the definitive reference for cancer pain, regardless of discipline … This text would make a valuable and welcome addition to the library of anyone who treats people with cancer pain - and that includes anyone who treats people with cancer.' Oncology

'There has been a need for such a comprehensive, clinically oriented text … This is an authoritative book on the assessment and management of cancer pain. It will be a valuable addition to any medical library, especially those providing comprehensive oncology services.' Palliative Medicine

'… unique in its practical, yet scientifically-based approach …' Doody's Reviews


Rie Suzuki, Shafaq Sikandar, Anthony H. Dickenson, Juan Miguel Jimenez-Andrade, Monica Herrera, Patrick Mantyh, Irene J. Higginson, Fliss Murtagh, Mervyn Koh, Russell K. Portenoy, Karen O. Anderson, Norma O'Leary,Carol Stone, Peter G. Lawlor, Patricia A. McGrath, Eric J. Crawford, Rosemary C. Polomano, Michael Ashburn, John T. Farrar, Charles E. Inturrisi, Pål Klepstad, Carla Ripamonti, Claudia Bareggi, Maxine De La Cruz, Eduardo Bruera, Burkhard Hinz, Kay Brune, L. Holford, Michael Cousins, Rebecca Chan, Oscar de Leon-Cassasola, Robert W. Hurley, Fred A. Lenz, Francis J. Keefe, Amy P. Abernethy, Jane L. Wheeler, Tamara J. Somers, Jack B. Fu, Ki Y. Shin, Theresa A. Gillis, Alysa Fairchild, Edward Chow, Michael J. Fisch, Steven D. Passik, Lara K. Dhingra, Kenneth L. Kirsh, Richard Hain, Marvin Omar Delgado-Guay, David Wollner, William S. Breitbart, Wendy G. Lichtenthal, Hayley Pessin, Gloria Lee, Ricardo A. Cruciani, E. Alessandra Strada, Helena Knotkova, Sebastiano Mercadante, Badi El Osta, Sandra P. Gomez, Paul W. Walker, Pauline Lesage, John T. Farrar, Scott D. Halpern, June L. Dahl, Myra Glajchen, Roberto Wenk, Daniela Mosoiu, M. R. Rajagopal

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