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Geological Fluid Dynamics


  • Page extent: 298 pages
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Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 551.49
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: GB1197.7 .P47 2009
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Groundwater flow
    • Water-rock interaction
    • Rocks--Permeability
    • Fluid dynamics

Library of Congress Record


 (ISBN-13: 9780521865555)

This book is the long-awaited successor to Owen M. Phillips's classic textbook, Flow and Reactions in Permeable Rocks, published in 1991. In the intervening eighteen years between the two, significant advances have been made to our understanding of subterranean flow, especially through the vast amount of research into underground storage of nuclear waste and aquifer pollution. This new book integrates and extends these modern ideas and techniques and applies them to the physics and chemistry of sub-surface flows in water-saturated, sandy and rocky media. It describes essential scientific concepts and tools for hydrologists and public health ecologists concerned with present day flow and transport, and also for geologists who interpret present day patterns of mineralization in terms of fluid flow in the distant past. The book is ideal for graduate students and professionals in hydrology, water resources, and aqueous geochemistry.

• Integrates physics and chemistry of groundwater flow and reactions to help the reader understand the relationship between these phenomena • Gives quantitative comparisons between theory and results of field measurements in the USA and Europe, assessing the applicability of theoretical results • Provides many simple formulae for various flow characteristics that may be difficult to measure directly, including relaxation times, response times, flow velocities and more


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. The basic principles; 3. Patterns of flow; 4. Flows with buoyancy variations; 5. Patterns of reaction with flow; 6. Extensions and examples; References; Index.


All reviews are from Owen Phillips's Flow and Reactions in Permeable Rocks: '… flow through porous media is of central importance to areas of petroleum, mining, groundwater and chemical engineering. The clarity and sparkle of the presentation are such that this book deserves to become one of the standard texts in these areas ... an extremely well-written and thought-provoking book … It is likely to have considerable influence on future research.' Herbert E. Huppert, Journal of Fluid Mechanics

'… required reading for anyone interested in the field of flow through porous media and phenomena allied to, or modified by, such flows. The basic equations are spelled out very clearly, and the surrounding verbal descriptions of what is going on from a physical/chemical perspective are equally good … I could only wish that all books (including my own) could be written with such clarity of thought and word craft.' Ian Lerche, Geophysics

'… a truly good book that I can recommend to graduate students and researchers seriously interested in understanding rock-fluid interactions and the patterns that result.' Bernard P. Boudreau, Geochimica et Cosmochimica

'… will undoubtedly establish itself as a core text for both students and researchers.' Lev Truskinovsky, PAGEOPH

'… an excellent reference … Dr Phillips' book is unique and might become a classic … a valuable addition to the library of any research[er] or practitioner serious about the processes of flow and reaction transport in geological settings.' Geochemical News

'… Phillips' prose is lucid and graceful and the book is a pleasure to read … a hallmark of Dr Phillips' approach is simple physically insightful, and often analytically tractable mathematical descriptions. His arguments for relatively simple models are clearly expressed … It will definitely find a prominent place on my bookshelf as a useful guide to first-order quantitative approaches.' American Journal of Science

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