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Diversity at Work


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521860307)

What effects do racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination have on the functioning of organizations? Is there a way of managing organizations such that we can benefit both the members of traditionally disadvantaged groups and the organizations in which they work? Discrimination on the basis of race or gender, whether implicit or explicit, is still commonplace in many organizations. Organizational scholars have long been aware that diversity leads to dysfunctional individual, group, and organizational outcomes. What is not well understood is precisely when and why such negative outcomes occur. In Diversity at Work, leading scholars in psychology, sociology, and management address these issues by presenting innovative theoretical ways of thinking about diversity in organizations. With each contribution challenging existing approaches to the study of organizational diversity, the book sets a demanding agenda for those seeking to create equality in the workplace.

• Challenges existing approaches to the study of organizational diversity • Sets a demanding agenda for the creation of workplace equality • Presents research from an international team of scholars


List of figures and tables; List of contributors; Preface; Part I. Introduction and Overview: 1. Where the sweet spot is: studying diversity in organizations Dolly Chugh and Arthur Brief; Part II. Conceptual Foundations: 2. Stereotypes and prejudice create workplace discrimination Susan Fiske and Tiane Lee; 3. Promoting racial diversity at work: challenges and solutions William Bielby; Part III. Emerging Theoretical Approaches: 4. Identity negotiation processes amidst diversity Jeffrey Polzer and Heather M. Caruso; 5. Diversity, conflict, and their consequences Karen Jehn, Lindred Greer and Joyce Rupert; 6. Shifting frames in team-diversty research: from difference to relationships Robin Ely and Laura Morgan Roberts; 7. Putting your own down Naomi Ellemers and Manuela Barreto; Part IV. Practical Concerns: 8. Diversity initiative effectiveness Carol Kulik and Loriann Roberson; Part V. A Research Agenda: 9. 1964 was not that long ago: a story of gateways and pathways Dolly Chugh and Arthur Brief; Index.


'Organizational research has traditionally focused on big companies and executives; we have often neglected family businesses, entrepreneurs, and blue collar workers. This new volume shows us that we have also paid far too little attention to diversity and to minorities, to our great detriment, socially, personally, and economically. Organizational scholars, myself included, don't truly understand the imposing and critical dynamics of diversity. This new book starts to open that very important door.' J. Keith Murnighan, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


Dolly Chugh, Arthur Brief, Susan Fiske, Tiane Lee, William Bielby, Jeffrey Polzer, Heather M. Caruso, Karen Jehn, Lindred Greer, Joyce Rupert, Robin Ely, Laura Morgan Roberts, Naomi Ellemers, Manuela Barreto, Carol Kulik, Loriann Roberson

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