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Ocean Circulation


  • 32 colour illus. 23 tables
  • Page extent: 806 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
  • Weight: 1.77 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521852289)

The interaction between ocean circulation and climate change has been an active research frontier in Earth sciences in recent years. Ocean circulation, and its related geophysical fluid dynamical principles, are now taught at graduate level in many Earth and atmospheric science departments. This is the first advanced textbook to discuss both wind-driven and thermohaline-driven processes – two important aspects of large-scale ocean circulation. It provides a concise introduction to the dynamics and thermodynamics of oceanic general circulation. This includes sea water thermodynamics and the energetics of the ocean circulation; an exhaustive theory of wind-driven circulation; thermohaline circulation with discussions on water mass formation/erosion, deep circulation, and the hydrological cycle; and interactions between wind-driven and thermohaline circulation. Highly illustrated to help the reader establish a clear mental picture of the physical principles involved, the book is invaluable for advanced courses in ocean circulation and as a reference for oceanographers and Earth scientists.

• First advanced textbook to cover thermohaline-driven ocean circulation in detail, bringing the reader completely up-to-date with this aspect of large-scale ocean circulation • Provides a wide-ranging framework for understanding oceanic circulation and its implications on climate change – a topical and active research frontier in the Earth sciences • Highly illustrated with over 400 figures and an extensive colour plate section, the book enables the reader to establish a clear mental picture of the physical processes involved


Preface; 1. Description of the world oceans; 2. Dynamical foundations; 3. Energetics of oceanic circulation; 4. Wind-driven circulation; 5. Thermohaline circulation; Bibliography; Index.

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