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A History of Chile, 1808–2002


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    • Chile--History--1810-
    • Chile--History--1565-1810

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521827492 | ISBN-10: 0521827493)

A History of Chile chronicles the nation's political, social, and economic evolution from its independence until the early years of the Lagos regime. Employing primary and secondary materials, it explores the growth of Chile's agricultural economy, during which the large landed estates appeared; the nineteenth-century wheat and mining booms; the rise of the nitrate mines; their replacement by copper mining; and the diversification of the nation's economic base. This volume also traces Chile's political development from oligarchy to democracy, culminating in the election of Salvador Allende, his overthrow by a military dictatorship, and the return of popularly elected governments. Additionally, the volume examines Chile's social and intellectual history: the process of urbanization, the spread of education and public health, the diminution of poverty, the creation of a rich intellectual and literary tradition, the experiences of middle and lower classes and the development of Chile's unique culture.

• Incorporates the latest research • Brings readers up to date with the most recent events in Chilean history • Combines a flowing narrative with in-depth analysis


Part I. Birth of a Nation-State, 1800s–1830s: 1. Colonial foundations, 1540–1810; 2. Independence, 1808–30; 3. The Conservative Settlement, 1830–41; Part II. The Rise of a Republic, 1830s–1870s: 4. A time of progress, 1830s–1870s; 5. The liberal impulse; 6. Crisis and war, 1876–83; Part III. The Nitrate Era, 1880s–1930s: 7. The parliamentary period, 1882–1920; 8. The lion and the mule, 1920–38; Part IV. Industrial Advance and the Dawn of Mass Politics, 1930s–1960s: 9. The radicals, the general of hope, and the lion's son, 1938–64; 10. The industrial impulse, 1930s–1960s; Part V. Democracy and Dictatorship, 1960s–1990s: 11. Revolution in liberty, 1964–70; 12. The Chilean road to socialism, 1970–3; 13. The Pinochet years; 14. Re-encounter with history, 1990–2002.

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