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Looking for Life, Searching the Solar System
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  • Page extent: 364 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521824507 | ISBN-10: 0521824508)

Looking for Life, Searching the Solar System

Cambridge University Press
0521824508 - Looking for Life, Searching the Solar System - by Paul Clancy, André Brack and Gerda Horneck
Table of Contents


Prefacepage ix
Part I  The imperative of exploration1
1    Exploration as metaphor3
Part II  How can we know life and its origin?29
2    The molecular basis of life on Earth33
3    The limits to life (water and extreme conditions)62
4    The transfer of life between planets79
5    What are the signatures of life?113
6    After the discovery/life as a cosmic phenomenon127
Part III  Life in the search for life beyond the Earth137
7    The prospects for long-duration human spaceflight and human survival on planetary surfaces139
8    Human exploration and the search for life167
9    Interplanetary ethics180
Part IV  The cosmic biological imperative191
10   The key technologies for human planetary exploration193
11   Exploration in space220
12   Exploration in time260
13   Prediction, imagination and the role of technology274
Part V  Our cosmic destiny285
14   Our cosmic destiny287
1  Bibliography294
2  Properties of water conducive to biology313
3  Why life may favour one-handedness315
4  RNA analogues and surrogates in prebiotic chemistry316
5  Analysis techniques and technology for the detection of traces of extant or extinct life318
6  The Rocket Equation326
7  Instrumentation328
8  Terraforming Mars331
9  Launch costs333
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