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The Biomarker Guide


  • 280 b/w illus. 20 tables
  • Page extent: 492 pages
  • Size: 246 x 189 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521786973)

The second edition of The Biomarker Guide is a fully updated and expanded version of this essential reference. Now in two volumes, it provides a comprehensive account of the role that biomarker technology plays both in petroleum exploration and in understanding Earth history and processes. Biomarkers and Isotopes in the Environment and Human History details the origins of biomarkers and introduces basic chemical principles relevant to their study. It discusses analytical techniques, and applications of biomarkers to environmental and archaeological problems. The Biomarker Guide is an invaluable resource for geologists, petroleum geochemists, biogeochemists, environmental scientists and archaeologists.

• An all-inclusive reference guide • Describes key methods for geochemical analysis of petroleum • Ties petroleum geochemistry to environmental and forensic chemistry, archaeology, biogeochemistry and natural product chemistry


About the authors; Preface; Purpose; Acknowledgements; Part I. Biomarkers and Isotopes in the Environment and Human History: 1. Origin and preservation of organic matter; 2. Organic chemistry; 3. Biochemistry of biomarkers; 4. Geochemical screening; 5. Refinery oil assays; 6. Stable isotope ratios; 7. Ancillary geochemical methods; 8. Biomarker separation and analysis; 9. Origin of petroleum; 10. Biomarkers in the environment; 11. Biomarkers in archaeology; Appendix: geologic time charts; Glossary; References; Index.


'This expanded second edition is a great step forward from the outstanding first edition. It carefully builds a foundation for understanding modern organic geochemistry as applied to the fields of geology, archaeology, and environmental sciences. It contains a wealth of information for researchers and should be compulsory reading for all petroleum exploration and production geologists and engineers as well as all earth science graduate students.' Isaac R. Kaplan, UCLA, and 1993 Alfred Treibs Medalist

'This greatly expanded second edition is systematic in approach and comprehensive in scope. It should be of equal interest to petroleum geochemists, environmental chemists, biogeochemists, and archaeologists … a must-have reference for professionals in these fields.' Robert P. Eganhouse, editor of Molecular Markers in Environmental Geochemistry

'The second edition is encyclopedic in scope and provides a treasure trove of essential information for petroleum and environmental sciences. It is a veritable potpourri of valuable scientific knowledge that sets a new standard in the expanding interdisciplinary field of organic geochemistry.' Keith A. Kvenvolden, USGS, and 1995 Alfred Treibs Medalist

'The second edition of The Biomarker Guide builds on the unique strengths of the first edition in applications of organic geochemistry to petroleum geology and expands into important new applications in environmental chemistry and biogeochemistry. In addition to individuals interested in oil-source rock correlations and the history of human uses of petroleum, all those who use biomarkers in paleoceanographic, paleoenvironmental, and paleoclimatic reconstructions will need this two-volume set in their libraries.' Philip A. Meyers, University of Michigan

'The first edition of The Biomarker Guide already has a reputation as a standard for academic research and teaching in the Earth and Life Sciences. If the extended subject area and the acknowledged diligence of the authors are any indication, the second edition will rapidly become a key text for teachers and students alike.' Walter Michaelis, University of Hamburg

Praise for first edition: 'The authors should be congratulated for compiling and publishing this important and useful guide.' Raphael Ikan, Organic Geochemistry

Praise for first edition: 'This book will rapidly become the standard in the field … required reading for anyone interested in understanding biomarkers and their application in petroleum geology.' Joseph A. Curiale, American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Praise for the first edition: 'The book is a must for any geological research library, and certainly a necessary reference for petroleum research.' William D. Bischoff, Carbonates and Evaporites

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