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Essential Radiological Anatomy for the MRCS


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521728089)

Over recent years the MRCS viva examination has increasingly made use of radiological imaging to facilitate the discussion of anatomy relevant to surgical practice. It is rare for junior doctors to receive adequate exposure to radiology in their day-to-day surgical practice, which makes preparation for this part of the examination difficult. For many, examinations are stressful. The last thing a candidate needs is to be faced with unfamiliar radiological images. This review of surgically relevant radiological imaging aims to prevent initial uncertainties and will allow candidates to discuss relevant anatomy and score valuable points. An invaluable addition to any revision plan, this title also: • highlights typical anatomy viva questions • familiarizes candidates with a range of images of differing modalities (plain film, fluoroscopy, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging) • introduces different planes of imaging, enabling candidates to deal with unusual coronal or sagittal views with confidence • gives concise but detailed notes for quick consultation

• Provides radiological images that are commonly used in the MRCS examination - gives readers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with images prior to sitting the exam • Provides anatomy viva type questions and concise but detailed anatomical notes - gives readers examples of the type of topics to expect in the exam, with quick reference to the relevant anatomy • Provides examples of relevant clinical notes - gives readers examples of how the viva may progress to cover clinical topics


Contents; Preface; How to use this book; 1. Vascular; 2. General surgery and urology; 3. Head and neck; 4. Orthopaedics.

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