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Principles of Surgery Vivas for the MRCS


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Principles of Surgery Vivas for the MRCS

Written by an examiner at both the London and Glasgow Colleges of Surgery and a successful recent MRCS candidate, Principles of Surgery Vivas for the MRCS provides readers with sample viva questions to enable them to prepare fully for this section of the examinations.

In A–Z format for quick reference, this book will be invaluable to MRCS candidates, undergraduate medical students and those sitting the FRCOG examinations. It will also serve as a valuable ‘aide mémoire’ for training surgeons or doctors at all levels of experience, especially those training junior staff.

Rupen Dattani is a Specialist Registrar in Trauma and Orthopaedics in the South West Thames Rotation.

Ridzuan Farouk is a Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading.

Principles of
Surgery Vivas for
the MRCS


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Acknowledgements page ix
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) 1
Abdominal Pain 4
Abscesses 7
Alcohol and Surgery 9
Amputation 13
Anaemia and Surgery 17
Anastomoses 20
Antibiotic Prophylaxis 24
Anticoagulation Therapy and Surgery 26
Assessment for Fitness for Anaesthesia 28
Atelectasis 30
Biopsy and Cytological Sampling 32
Bone Grafts 36
Breast Cancer 39
Burns 46
Cancer Treatment I: Surgery 50
Cancer Treatment Ⅱ: Chemotherapy 52
Cancer Treatment Ⅲ: Radiotherapy 54
Cancer Treatment Ⅳ: Hormonal Therapy 56
Cancer Treatment Ⅴ: Cryotherapy and Immunotherapy 58
Cardiac Disease and Surgery 60
Carotid Artery Disease 63
Clinical Governance 66
Colitis 68
Colorectal Cancer 73
Compartment Syndrome Ⅰ: Extremities 80
Compartment Syndrome Ⅱ: Abdominal 83
Consent 86
Corticosteroid Therapy and Surgery 89
Day Surgery 92
Diabetes and Surgery 94
Diathermy 98
Drains 101
Dressings 103
Drugs in the Perioperative Period 107
Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) 109
Elderly and Surgery 113
Empyema 116
Endocrine Disorders and Surgery 118
Fluid Management 121
Fracture Management Ⅰ: Basic Principles 124
Fracture Management Ⅱ: Open Fractures 128
Fracture Healing 131
General Anaesthetics 134
Genes 137
Grafts and Flaps 139
Gunshot and Blast Wounds 142
Head Injury 145
HIV/Hepatitis and Surgery 148
Immune System 150
Immune Deficiency and Surgery 152
Jaundice 155
Joint Replacements 159
Laparoscopy 162
Large Bowel Obstruction 164
Lasers 168
Latex Allergy 171
Limping Child 174
Local Anaesthetics 177
Minimal Access Surgery 180
Needles 182
Nutrition 184
Obesity and Surgery 188
Oliguria 191
Operating Theatre Design 193
Osteoarthritis Ⅰ 195
Osteoarthritis Ⅱ: Hip 197
Osteoarthritis Ⅲ: Knee 199
Osteomyelitis 201
Paediatric Surgery 204
Pain 209
Perioperative Monitoring 212
Peripheral Vascular Disease 214
Physiological Response to Surgery 220
Positioning of Patients 224
Post-operative Care 227
Post-operative Complications 230
Pre-admission Clinics 233
Pregnancy 235
Pre-medication 238
Pre-operative Investigations 240
Preparation for Surgery 243
Prostate Cancer 245
Pyrexia 250
Radiology 253
Regional Anaesthesia 254
Renal Failure and Surgery 256
Respiratory Disease and Surgery 258
Rheumatoid Arthritis 261
Scars 263
Screening 265
Sedation 269
Sickle Cell Disease 271
Small Bowel Obstruction 273
Smoking 278
Staging of Tumours 281
Stomas 284
Sutures and Ligatures 286
Thyroid Surgery 289
Tourniquets 293
Transplantation 296
Trauma Ⅰ: Basic Principles 299
Trauma Ⅱ: Head Injury 302
Trauma Ⅲ: Abdominal Injury 305
Trauma Ⅳ: Spinal Injury 309
Trauma Ⅴ: Splenic Injury 312
Trauma Ⅵ: Thoracic Injury 315
Urological Investigations Ⅰ 317
Urological Investigations Ⅱ: Common Urological Conditions 321
Wound Classification 323
Wound Healing 325


I am eternally grateful to my family whose continual love, support and encouragement have helped me achieve all I have in life. I would like to dedicate this book to Sunny, a truly missed friend whose enthusiasm and love for life remain my constant source of inspiration.

R. D

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