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The Palaeolithic Settlement of Asia


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The palaeolithic settlement of Asia
Cambridge University Press
9780521848664 - The palaeolithic settlement of Asia - By Robin Dennell

The palaeolithic settlement of Asia

This book provides the first analysis and synthesis of the evidence of the earliest inhabitants of Asia before the appearance of modern humans 100,000 years ago. Asia has received far less attention than Africa and Europe in the search for human origins, but it is no longer considered to be of marginal importance. Indeed, a global perspective on human origins cannot be properly attained without a detailed consideration of the largest continent. In this study, Robin Dennell examines a variety of sources, including the archaeological evidence, the fossil hominin record, and the environmental and climatic background from Southwest, Central, South, and Southeast Asia, as well as China. He presents an authoritative and comprehensive framework for investigations of Asia's oldest societies, challenges many long-standing assumptions about its earliest inhabitants, and places Asia centrally in the discussion of human evolution in the past two million years.

Robin Dennell is Professor of Human Origins at the University of Sheffield. A former Leverhulme Senior Research Fellow and British Academy Research Professor, he is the author of European Economic Prehistory and Early Hominin Landscapes in Northern Pakistan: Investigations in the Pabbi Hills.

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The palaeolithic settlement of Asia

Robin Dennell

University of Sheffield

Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, São Paulo, Delhi

Cambridge University Press
32 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013-2473, USA
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Dennell, Robin.
The palaeolithic settlement of Asia / Robin Dennell.
 p. cm. – (Cambridge world archaeology)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 978-0-521-84866-4 (hardback) – ISBN 978-0-521-61310-1 (pbk.)
1. Prehistoric peoples – Asia. 2. Human settlements – Asia. 3. Human beings –
Migrations. 4. Antiquities, Prehistoric – Asia. 5. Asia – Antiquities.
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ISBN 978-0-521-84866-4 hardback
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For all those – past, present, and future – interested in the early prehistory of Asia.


List of Tables, Figures, and Boxes
1.            Asia and Its Place in Palaeoanthropology
2.            The African Background to the Colonisation of Asia
3.            The Climatic and Environmental Background to Hominin Settlement in Asia before 1 MA
4.            The Earliest Inhabitants of Southwest Asia
5.            The Earliest Inhabitants of South and Southeast Asia and China
6.            “Out of Africa 1” Reconsidered and the Earliest Colonisation of Asia
7.            The Climatic and Environmental Background to Hominin Settlement in Asia between ca. 1 Ma and the Last Interglacial
8.            The Middle Pleistocene Archaeological Record for Southwest and Central Asia
9.            The Middle Pleistocene Archaeological Record of the Indian Subcontinent
10.           The Middle Pleistocene Archaeological Record of China and Southeast Asia
11.           Human Evolution in Asia during the Middle Pleistocene
12.           Concluding Remarks
Appendix 1:   The Sizes of Countries and Regions in Asia, with Comparative Examples
Appendix 2:   Geographical Coordinates of Principal Early Palaeolithic Sites in Asia
Appendix 3:   Geographical Coordinates of Geological Sections and Cores
Appendix 4:   English Names of Various Mammals Recorded in Asia

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