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Public Health at the Crossroads
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  • 18 b/w illus. 13 tables
  • Page extent: 318 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 0.43 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521540476 | ISBN-10: 052154047X)

This book is an introduction to public health as a discipline and a critique of its recent development. Identifying poverty as the greatest continuing threat to health worldwide, the authors, both of them prominent public health authorities, review epidemiological, demographic and public health trends internationally, and argue that the prospects for public health will improve only if health in a broad sense becomes a central concern of the policy-making process. This extensively revised edition reviews major health trends, the current state of the world's health, and the latest estimates of the global burden of disease. With examples drawn widely from rich and poor countries, the authors argue for an inclusive vision of public health based on the application in public policy of improved epidemiological understanding of the causes of disease. Of interest to all health professionals, it will be essential reading for those in public health and related fields.

• Provides a global perspective embracing rich and poor countries • Extensively up-dated and includes numerous summary points and references • Provides a critical review of health trends worldwide at a time when new challenges are emerging


Preface; Part I. Global Health: 1. Health, disease and the health transition; 2. Global health: past trends and present challenges; 3. Contemporary global health issues; Part II. Epidemiology: 4. Evolution of epidemiology: ideas and methods; 5. The current state of epidemiology: achievements and limitations; 6. Challenges for epidemiology; Part III. Public Health: 7. Public health themes: historical and contemporary; 8. Public health organisation and practice in wealthy countries; 9. Public health organisation and practice in poor countries; 10. Public health at the crossroads; Index.


From reviews of the first edition: 'They provide a breadth of view that is difficult to beat. The book takes a truly global approach to the major public health issues of today. This book is clear, well written and interesting.' Medical Journal of Australia

'Its inclusiveness is valuable, as are the data showing dramatic global trends and differences in health and the diverse country studies.' BMJ

'This is a well argued, up-to-date, and stimulating book. This book is to be recommended.' Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London

'The accessible style of this book, liberally illustrated with the bullet points and chapter summaries, should ensure its place on the reading lists of schools of public health. It may help to inspire a new generation of public health practitioners to become broader, braver and more effective than their forebears.' Health Economics

'In summary, this is an impressive book, and is recommended as a reference for public health practitioners and as an introduction for managers, health professionals and students.' Health Service Journal

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