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Institutions for the Common Good
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  • Page extent: 250 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521531870 | ISBN-10: 052153187X)

The protection of domestic populations by international institutions is both an anomaly and an enduring practice in international relations. It is an anomaly because in a system of sovereign states, the welfare of individuals and groups falls outside traditional definitions of state interest. Yet since the evolution of the nation-state system, collectivities of states have sought to protect religious minorities, dynastic families, national minorities, ethnic communities, individual citizens and refugees. Cronin explains this phenomenon by developing a theory that links international stability with the progress of a cohesive international order. His book examines how states attempt to provide for international stability by creating International Protection Regimes - multilateral institutions designed to protect clearly defined classes of people within sovereign states. It argues that in the aftermath of major systemic changes states try to create international orders by regulating the relationship between governments and their populations, particularly in newly-formed and reorganized states.

• Covers a very topical issue - why do states intervene to protect people in other countries, even when it's not in their direct interest? • Examines persecution of ethnic minorities, refugees • Appeal to IR people, but also international lawyers


1. International relations theory and the common good; 2. International protection regimes in an international order; 3. The national state and the protection of ethnic minorities; 4. The liberal state and the protection of European citizens; 5. The multicultural state and the protection of ethnic communities; 6. The nation-state and the protection of refugees; 7. Conclusion.

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