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The Biblical Drama of Medieval Europe
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511879890)

This book presents a detailed survey and analysis of the surviving corpus of biblical drama from all parts of medieval Christian Europe. Over five hundred plays from the tenth to the sixteenth centuries are examined, in a wide-ranging discussion which makes available the full scope of this important part of theatre history. The volume is specially organised to provide a complete overview of major aspects of medieval biblical theatre, including: the theatrical community of both audience and players; the major plays and cycles; and the legacy of medieval biblical theatre. The book also includes valuable appendices with information on the liturgical calendar, processions, the Mass and the Bible. The Biblical Drama of Medieval Europe is a valuable resource for scholars and students of medieval theatre and for enthusiasts of early drama.

• Encyclopaedic coverage of the field of biblical drama from the whole of medieval Christian Europe • Makes available to English-language readers information on the whole field of continental drama • Includes informative and valuable appendices on medieval and sacred literature


Introduction: Christian Europe and the play of God; Part I. The Theatrical Community: 1. Liturgical and feast-day drama; 2. Civic and community drama; 3. Performance and the community; Part II. The Theatrical Text: 4. Creation and fall; 5. The covenant and the kingdom; 6. Prophets and precursors of redemption; 7. The birth and childhood of Jesus; 8. The public life of Jesus; 9. The Passion and Resurrection; 10. Pentecost to judgement; Conclusion: survival and revival; Appendix. The liturgical context of the plays.

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