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English Mystics of the Middle Ages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511871641)

This edition brings together for the first time key texts representing the writings of the medieval English mystics. The texts have been newly edited from early manuscripts, and are supplemented with textual and explanatory notes and a glossary. The book focuses on five major authors, Richard Rolle, Walter Hilton, the anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing, Dame Julian of Norwich, and Margery Kempe. Shorter works are presented whole, where possible, and accompanied by extracts from the mystics' longer works; extracts from contemporary translations into English are also included to illustrate the reception of European mystical texts in later medieval England. Overall, this volume makes accessible some of the finest writing by English contemplatives and visionaries of the Middle Ages.

• A collection of otherwise hard-to-find texts, with critical apparatus • Presentation of work of original and influential group of English writers • Valuable contribution to general work in the area of medieval, literary and religious studies


Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Editorial note; Introductory essay; Part I. Richard Rolle (c.1300–1349): 1. The Fire of Love; 2. The Mendynge of Lyfe; 3. Ego Dormio; 4. The Commandment; 5. The Form of Living; Part II. Anonymous: 6. The Cloud of Unknowing; 7. The Book of Privy Counselling; 8. Mystical Prayer; Part III. Walter Hilton (d. 1396): 9. Epistle on the Mixed Life; 10. Of Angels' Song; 11. Eight Chapters on Perfection; 12. The Scale of Perfection, Book I; 13. The Scale of Perfection, Book II; 14. Qui Habitat; 15. The Prickynge of Love; Part IV. Julian of Norwich (1342–after 1416): 16. Revelations of Divine Love (shorter version); 17. Revelations of Divine Love (longer version); Part V. Margery Kempe (c.1373–c.1440): 18. The Book of Margery Kempe; Part VI. Anonymous English Translators: 19. The Mirrour of Simple Soules; 20. A Ladder of Foure Ronges by the which Men Mowe Wele Clyme to Heven; 21. The Doctrine of the Hert; 22. The Chastising of God's Children; 23. The Treatise of Perfection of the Sons of God; Part VII. Richard Methley (1451/2–1527/8): 24. To Hew Heremyte: A Pystyl of Solytary Lyfe Nowadayes; Notes; Guide to further reading; Glossary.

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